Monktail Anniversary Fest

Monktail Anniversary Fest

Celebrating 15 Years of Music + Community

9/1 Triple Door Musicquarium: John Seman’s Lil Coop Quintet 8pm

9/18 Zero-G Concerts at the Chapel: Ask The Ages, Stephen Fandrich 8pm

9/24 Blue Moon: Mark Ostrowski’s Justified Remains, Bill Horist, Neil Welch 9pm

10/1 Vermillion: Flotation Device Live (DJs Jonathan Lawson & John Seman + guests) 8pm

10/14 Lo-Fi: Hound Dog Taylor’s Hand, Evan Flory-Barnes, Tierra Magos 8pm

10/22 Chapel: Ostrowski/Seman duets & solos, guests 8pm

10/26 EARSHOT FEST at the Royal Room: NON GRATA, Special O.P.S. 7:30pm

10/28 Vito’s: The Wally Shoup Quartet with Bob Rees, Seman, Ostrowski 9pm

10/29 Lo-Fi: Monktail plays the music of BLACK SABBATH 8pm


Hound Dog Taylor’s Hand July 17 at Blue Moon


Monktail at SIFF 2015


A family from a 1950s gas commercial has no idea about the post-apocalyptic world to come. Film by STEVE DEMAS. Featuring Doug Lane, Mark Ostrowski.

Music by Hound Dog Taylor’s Hand (Jeffrey Taylor/John Seman/Mark Ostrowski) Live recordings by John Seman

SIFF Alternate Worlds Thursday, May 21 8:30 SIFF UptownFLEGstillB

Daughters of the Lonesome Isle – recorded live at Lo-Fi, Seattle

Daughters of the Lonesome Isle is John Seman, contrabass; Wally Shoup, alto sax; Bill Horist, guitar and Vietnamese moon lute; Scott Adams, accordion; Bob Rees, vibraphone and percussion; Greg Campbell, tuba, cornet, and percussion.

Recorded live by John Seman at Lo-Fi Seattle 2015/04/15 for Zero-G Concerts

MOTHER MANIA – May 10 at Lo-Fi

Musicians from Monktail Creative Music Concern, Geist and the Sacred Ensemble, Ask The Ages, and Diminished Men celebrate Sam’s & Omaima’s 100th birthdays (ha!) and Mother’s Day

The Futhers :
John Seman bass, Simon Henneman and Brian Heaney guitars, Mark Ostrowski drums -play music by The Mothers and Frank Zappa

Albert Fish 4:
Simon Henneman, Mark Ostrowski, John Seman and Kate Olson on baritone sax perform Thelonious Monk tunes done like a carnivorous free jazz meets hardcore band.

and special guests

LoFi Performance Gallery
429 Eastlake Ave E # B, Seattle, Washington 98109

Sunday, May 10

$5 / 21+ / early 7pm show

Non Grata and Special OPS #tbt [2001-2002]

Non Grata recording sessions, July 2002

Monktail Creative Music Concern – NON GRATA


Stephen Parris discusses art prepared by Mark Ostrowski for Special O.P.S. Requiem for NYC and Ostrowski/Seman duets and solos CD-R packaging, November 2001, Seattle.
Special O.P.S. Requiem for NYC


Lil Coop and Justified Remains video