Dangerous Petting Zoo – December 11 at The Mix



It’s been a busy 12 months for MCMC and next year is 10 years straight for us putting on shows in Seattle. This one gets a bunch of our friends together for a night of songs, stretching out, and singing along. The songs of Birds May Bite and Goatgirl tossed splendidly with the rip roaring, extra crispy, jumbo spiced flavor of Figeater and the Horsey. Who knows the next time the Birds or the Horsey will saddle up, so mark your winter calendar for this show before hibernation sets in.



THE MIX (6012 12th AVE S, SEATTLE)



birds may bite http://www.birdsmaybite.com/

birds may bite is Scott Adams, guitar and voice.  Songs.  Scott is a musician based in Seattle. He is a composer, improviser, and multi-instrumentalist in a variety of contexts. He has recorded in an underground cistern, performed music with an improv theater group, composed for full orchestra, played Javanese gamelan, played banjo in a polka band, co-written musicals (including one for children), performed on radio, written music for a parade, and is a recovering elementary school music teacher.



Disjunctive, raucous, soaring, and powerful – Figeater is a textural, tribal exploration of organic movement, instigated by clarinetist/composer Beth Fleenor. Improvisations are punctuated, buttoned and launched by original compositions and songlike psychedelic episodes, with an emphasis on environmental participation. It has been called sonic spelunking – or an all improvised fun time. "Daringly, {Figeater} was down right pretty, not a term often associated with free improv…while later it was visceral, convulsive and more than a bit creepy…" (Seattle Weekly) Figeater is a time-based, performance process emphasized ensemble vehicle where audience and environment are recognized members of the configuration performing. It is through the combination of these components that the performance takes place.



Goatgirl is the music AND the 21st century storyballads of JEPPA K HALL, an innovative performance artist, vocalist, musician, and songwriter based out of Seattle, Wa. Her self released recording "Plum," is available for purchase now- visit www.goatgirlmusic.com. Listen to Goatgirl’s song, "The President Combed His Hair," on "so much fire to roast human flesh," a compilation cd that Josephine Foster has put together and Arthur Magazine has released. All proceeds$$$$$$ go to anti-military recruitment organizations. So buy this awsome cd from Arthur magazine DAMMIT! Jeppa K Hall is also known as "QUEEN SHMOOQUAN" (shmoo like "shmooze" and quan like "kwan"). www.myspace.com/queenshmooquan WHO IS QUEEN SHMOOQUAN AND WHY SHOULD YOU CARE? QUEEN SHMOOQUAN is a modern day oracle… a transcendental burlesque clown! Queen Shmooquan transcends her american Walmart purgatory, creating ecstatic experiences for herself, her audience, the world and all its inhabitants. Long live the spirits of those who care for the creativity and spirits of children! Jeppa also sings with the overtone vocal ensemble, SEATTLE HARMONIC VOICES (www.seattleharmonicvoices.com). She is also half of the duo FINGER with Julie Baldridge, and another chunk of the duo "IT"S A MIRACLE" with Jason Glover and a hunk of the performance duo "PIP-N-TOP and JERRY & SHERRY" with Bianca Maggio. She has collaborated and performed with musicians, sound artists, and performance groups such as ELI KAUFMAN, JOE PLOTTS, JESSIKA KINNEY, HERB DIAMANTE, ALAN BISHOP, THE MONOCARPICS, JASON GLOVER, TRIPOD, PAULA THE SWEDISH HOUSEWIFE, THE SEA DONKEYS, GLASSBONES, BETTER BISCUIT DANCE, THE GALL BLADDERS and many others.  



Hyper-political, dada-inspired free metal group with four vocalists and an accordion. LEBANON JESUS BOLOGNA

Scott Adams – vocal, accordian, guitar
Stephen Parris – vocal, guitar
Mark Ostrowski- percussion, vocal
John Seman – vocal, double bass, guitar



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