Deals Number – Show Me What Ya Workin With

Deals Number! How about this folks.


Monktail Records is proud to bring you Show me what ya working with. The newest and firstest CD from Deals Number.



The longest running Monktail contingent in Seattle, Deal’s Number represents the Monktail philosophy of improvisation and spontaneous composition through the musings of saxophonist Bill Monto. Classically trained and devoid of jazz cliché and traditionalist hubris, Monto’s tone stretches and skronks and splats patterns of sound around the rolling boil of the Seman/Ostrowski rhythm section. Show Me features new works, group improvisations, and an extended suite extracted from an Ostrowski ballet. Live studio mix and production by Doug Haire at Jack Straw Productions. Deluxe packaging includes two action paintings by Seattle artist Jay Mason. Limited edition digipack released October 2007.

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Thanks to everyone who showed up at Egan’s.

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