Monktail @ ETG: New Tuesday Night Series

Monktail @ ETG

Live Improvisation
on the east corner of Pike and 14th Ave.
Resident DJ Shonuff spinning in-between sets

Tuesday Nights 8pm
Beginning July 31st 2012,
with John Seman’s Lil Coop Sextet.

Featuring monthly residencies of Don Berman, Denny Goodhew with Mark Oi and Adam Kessler, Beth Fleenor, Eric Barber, Simon Henneman, Kate Olsen, and John Seman’s Lil Coop Sextet

No cover!

Don Berman August 21st
Denny Goodhew, Mark Oi and Adam Kessler August 28th

I’ve stood here on my porch for 16 years. ETG is part of my view, poised secretly atop of the artificial limb manufacturer on Pike beneath “Giza” the three great radio towers. ETG, otherwise known as Electric Tea Garden, actually was a tea house briefly but also an AA lodge. If I look all the way back to when I first stood on this porch, the space that is now ETG was just finishing a run as an experimental music venue. Today it is mostly a house of electronic music and dance.

ETG will now open its floor to the machinations of MCMC and the improvised music and jazz community. Patrick Mouton of ETG expressed a desire for the kind of space that is missed by the absence of the Faire Gallery on Capitol Hill. “The Faire” supported a Cap Hill place to get together and let loose if you were a working improviser, inside or out.

Every Tuesday, starting at 8pm, MCMC will feature a local ensemble from within and without the Monktail pool. Each will be given a monthly residency. We are still hammering out the schedule but you can expect to hear from Beth Fleenor, Don Berman, Denny Goodhew, Mark Oi, Adam Kessler, Lil Coop, Simon Henneman, and others. The Monktail Trio will start the third set with Mark Ostrowski on drums, John Seman on bass and yours truly Stephen Fandrich on Fender Rhodes. Our task will be to set the tone for the rest of the night with some straight up improvisation, sit-ins encouraged!


–Stephen Fandrich


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