Deal’s Number at Zero-G, Lucid 5/2 [recording]



Deal Rides Again… at the Zero-G Concert Series

We are proud to present Deal’s Number at the Zero-G Concert Series. May 2nd, 8 pm, Lucid Lounge.

Also performing are Syrinx Effect with Kate Olson and Naomi Siegel. They are awesome! Very famous. You don’t want to miss it.

The longest running Monktail contingent in Seattle, Deal’s Number represents the Monktail philosophy of improvisation and spontaneous composition through the musings of saxophonist Bill Monto. Classically trained and devoid of jazz cliché and traditionalist hubris, Monto’s tone stretches and skronks and splats patterns of sound around the rolling boil of the Seman/Ostrowski rhythm section.