Zachary Watkins and Black Spirituals at Gallery 1412 – June 14



MCMC presents

Zachary Watkins/Marshall Trammell/Black Spirituals (OAK)

Fandrich/Seman/Ostrowski Trio (MCMC)

Jonathan James Carr/Kaori Suzuki (MEM)

Gallery 1412, Friday, June 14, 8pm.


Black Spirituals features a new tradition in conversant duo vernacular utilizing electronics, and heavy-heavy percussion. Watkins’ tunes his fragile circuits as performance developing resonance and as a percussionist, Marshall Trammell explores folkloric Afro-Cuban music systems. Conceptions of space, stage, ritual, performance, geography, praxis, brotherhood, relationships, rockin’ out are living concerns. As individuals, solo vernacular is not at all tethered to idiomatic, timbral expectations associated with the lyricisms of “Free Jazz”-related instrumentalists, in fact Black Spirituals aspire towards a “Multi-Aesthetic Approach to Improvisation.” Marshall writes: “As a ‘tone-generator,’ Mr. Watkins flies me away from the familiar to an ever-emergent present in which we are simultaneously engaged in redefining our singular languages (vertical voice) and horizontally engaging the tandem vehicle that drives Deep Sets.”