Ask the Ages host at Lofi Front Room DEC 10


Ask The Ages, Heaney/Henneman/Rea Guitar Threesome, OhhoohHo at Lofi Front Room

Wednesday, December 10, 8pm

LoFi Performance Gallery
429 Eastlake Ave E # B, Seattle

Ask The Ages host an evening of new music and free improvisation.

Ask The Ages play in the spirit of Alice Coltrane, Pharaoh Sanders, Sun Ra, and perform the music of their guitarist Brian Heaney. With Kate Olson, Steven Bell, John Seman and Greg Campbell.

Heaney/Henneman/Rea Guitar Threesome: This longstanding trio of leading Seattle creative guitarists brew up a head-spinning panoply of incandescent sounds and questionable legal advice. With Brian Heaney, Simon Henneman and Dennis Rea.

OhhoohHo are Mark Ostrowski on drums and Simon Henneman on guitar. Melodic mind-crushing musicians.


DJ of weird music: John Seman (Flotation Device/KBCS)