monktail podcast #1

The first installment of mcmc podcasts. Recorded at FPS Sept. 10, 2008.


monktail podcast – 20080910
hosted by special ops (ostrowski, parris, seman)
w/ billy monto, stephen fandrich, gabriel herbertson, joseph gray





special ops – sounds outside 2008


sun city girls – ballad of d(anger)
charles gayle – rest a while


anthony braxton – orbits
anthrax – 13
blue cranes – polaris


floss – sounds outside 2008


fandrich/herbertson – live performance


sugar skulls – track 1 on new cd
charles mingus – passions of a man
nels cline singers – the angel of angels


stephen parris – live performance


john fahey – teaching of take a look at that baby
delfayo marsalis – barabbas


grinderman – get it on
james blood ulmer – tales of captain black
mothers – who are the brain police


stephen fandrich – live performance


secret chiefs 3 – welcome to the theatron animatronique
john frusciante – untitled #8
paul harding & the juju detective agency – sounds outside 2008



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