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Hound Dog Taylor’s Hand LP preorder

Get yerself to and grab the LP/CDr preorder bundle.

Jooklo Zappa & HDTH at Blue Moon 6/30


Eugene Chadbourne, Hound Dog Taylor’s Hand Blue Moon 12/10


Daughters of the Lonesome Isle – recorded live at Lo-Fi, Seattle

Daughters of the Lonesome Isle is John Seman, contrabass; Wally Shoup, alto sax; Bill Horist, guitar and Vietnamese moon lute; Scott Adams, accordion; Bob Rees, vibraphone and percussion; Greg Campbell, tuba, cornet, and percussion.

Recorded live by John Seman at Lo-Fi Seattle 2015/04/15 for Zero-G Concerts

Non Grata and Special OPS #tbt [2001-2002]

Non Grata recording sessions, July 2002

Monktail Creative Music Concern – NON GRATA


Stephen Parris discusses art prepared by Mark Ostrowski for Special O.P.S. Requiem for NYC and Ostrowski/Seman duets and solos CD-R packaging, November 2001, Seattle.
Special O.P.S. Requiem for NYC


Lil Coop and Justified Remains video

Hound Dog Taylor’s Hand – Live At The Comet [tape]

First ever release by Seattle’s secret weapon against the tech squares and yuppie droolers! Jeffery Taylor (Climax Golden Twins) spins tall 6-string tales with his guitar and the crowd bows down before an ascended master. Vets of the NW improv-wars, Mark Ostrowski,and John Seman unleash a barrage of sounds via drums and stand-up bass that toss genres like dirty underwear, leaving the inner ear dizzy and thirsting for more…lots more. It’s equal parts groovy, LOUD, and out there for more than just a minute. Live, improvised chanteys for squirming larvae everywhere, “Live At The Comet” is a document from a town that doesn’t even know what’s good for it.

Jeffrey Taylor – guitar

Mark Ostrowski – drums

John Seman – bass

recorded by John Seman at The Comet Sept. 25, 2013

released 24 November 2014 by Eiderdown Records

Limited edition cassette…edition of 100…green and black screen prints on pink stock, drawn by Max Clotfelter

Lil Coop at 2014 Earshot Jazz Festival [recording]


John Seman’s Lil Coop Quintet recorded at the 2014 Earshot Jazz Fest, Seattle.

Robby Beasley, trumpet; Kate Olson, tenor sax; Stephen Fandrich, piano; Tom Zgonc, drums; John Seman, bass, compositions.

Shoup-Seman-Henneman at MAGMAFEST 2014 [recording]

Shoup-Seman-Henneman at MAGMAFEST 2014

Good Shepherd Chapel, Seattle, WA


Wally Shoup alto, John Seman double bass, Simon Henneman bass vi

recording by Henneman, audio tweak and video by Seman

Ask The Ages 2014/02/23 at The Can Can [recording]

Ask The Ages: Brian Heaney guitar, Kate Olson sax, Stephen Bell vibes, John Seman bass, Greg Campbell drums
recorded 2014/02/23 at The Can Can, Pike Place Market, Seattle