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Hound Dog Taylor’s Hand LP preorder

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Jooklo Zappa & HDTH at Blue Moon 6/30


Shoup-Seman-Henneman at MAGMAFEST 2014 [recording]

Shoup-Seman-Henneman at MAGMAFEST 2014

Good Shepherd Chapel, Seattle, WA


Wally Shoup alto, John Seman double bass, Simon Henneman bass vi

recording by Henneman, audio tweak and video by Seman

Ask The Ages 2014/02/23 at The Can Can [recording]

Ask The Ages: Brian Heaney guitar, Kate Olson sax, Stephen Bell vibes, John Seman bass, Greg Campbell drums
recorded 2014/02/23 at The Can Can, Pike Place Market, Seattle

Barber/Rees/Seman/Zgonc at Zero-G [recording]

Eric Barber sax, Bob Rees vibes, John Seman bass, Tom Zgonc drums.
Recorded at Lucid for Zero-G Concerts, Seattle 2014/02/13.

Brennan/Shoup/Rees/Rea/Seman at Gallery 1412 [recording]

2013/12/20 / Gallery 1412 / Seattle

set one
1- John Brennan (VAN) drums, Wally Shoup alto, Bob Rees vibes, Dennis Rea guitar, John Seman bass

set two
1- (9:19) Bob Rees vibes, Dennis Rea guitar, Don Berman drums
2- (6:00) Wally Shoup alto, John Seman bass, Mark Ostrowski drums
3- (8:00) John Brennan drums
4- (12:49) John Brennan drums, Wally Shoup alto, Bob Rees vibes, Dennis Rea guitar, John Seman bass

Soundtrack to RADIO MINOS available now

Soundtrack to the SIFF short film Radio Minos by Steve Demas

Performed by Hound Dog Taylor’s Hand
Jeffrey Taylor – electric guitar
Mark Ostrowski – drums
PK – electric bass

MCMC @ ETG 2013/08/27 [recording]

Monktail @ ETG, 27 August 2013 edition. Featuring an opening set from Downbearing [Fandrich/Ostrowski], main set organized by saxophonist Eric Barber with Naomi Siegel on trombone, John Seman on bass, Tom Zgonc on drums, and a third set of improvisations.


Special O.P.S. Backdoor Draft EP

New SPECIAL O.P.S. Backdoor Draft EP available right now.


MCMC @ ETG 2013/08/13 [recording]

Monktail @ ETG, 13 August 2013 edition. Featuring a 20 minute solo performance by Bill Monto followed by 90 minutes of free improvisation featuring Paul Hoskin, Dick Valentine, Jeremy Shaskus, Bill Monto, Sam Yoder, Mark Ostrowski, John Seman and others.

Image by Martha Dunham.