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Ask The Ages at the Blue Moon 2013/08/18 [recording]

Ask The Ages recorded live at Seattle’s historic Blue Moon Tavern, Sunday August 18, 2013. Second show of a new monthly residency every third Sunday.

Brian Heaney, guitar; Kate Olson, soprano sax; Stephen Bell, vibes; John Seman, bass; Greg Campbell, drums.


SPECIAL O.P.S. + Figeater at Rendezvous 8/25/2013 [recording]


Barber/PK/Ostrowski at ETG [recording]

Eric Barber, tenor and soprano saxophones; PK, electric bass; Mark Ostrowski, drums. Recorded at Monktail @ ETG Tuesday night residency, July 23, 2013.

Bert Wilson (1939-2013) recorded live at Sounds Outside 2009


Bert Wilson at Sounds Outside 2009

Sounds Outside 2009: Bert Wilson and Rebirth (Nancy Curtis, Craig Hoyer, Mike Barnett, Greg Campbell) with guests Ariel Calabria, Craig Flory, Sam Boshnack, Chris Credit, Beth Fleenor, Izaak Mills


Beth Fleenor with Bert Wilson and Dee Dee Rainbow at Sounds Outside, Cal Anderson Park, August 15, 2009


2013.05.19 Lil Coop Nonet at Zero-G [recording]

John Seman’s Lil Coop Nonet at Zero-G, Comet Tavern, 19 May 2013.

Billy Monto, Darian Asplund, Dick Valentine, Jeremy Shaskus – saxophones; Robby Beasley – trumpet; Stephen Fandrich – Fender Rhodes; Sam Yoder – percussion; Mark Ostrowski – drums; John Seman – double bass

Lil Coop Sextet at The Electric Tea Garden [recording]

John Seman’s Lil Coop Sextet
Live at The Electric Tea Garden, Seattle
MCMC Tuesdays 2012/07/31
Robby Beasley: trumpet; Darian Asplund: flute and tenor saxophone; Bill Monto: alto and tenor saxophones; Stephen Fandrich: Rhodes; Mark Ostrowski: drums; John Seman: double bass, tunes
Tunes: [Set One] Spikey’s Tune, The Pale King, Pinocchio (W.Shorter), LG, [Set Two] Medlenno, Show Me What Ya Workin With, Lil Coop

Images courtesy Andi Dean.

MCMC at Jack Straw 50 [recording]

Bill Monto, tenor saxophone; Steve Parris, electric guitar; John Seman, double bass; Dave Abramson, drums. June 16, 2012 around midnight, live at Jack Straw, Seattle, WA.

SPECIAL O.P.S. Live at Zero G


Mark Ostrowski – drums

Stephen Parris – guitar

John Seman – double bass

Zero-G Concert Series

Mars Bar, Seattle, April 21, 2011



2003-11-14 Non Grata at the Blue Moon [Archive]

Apropos of this photo, here are the two complete sets as performed by Non Grata at the Blue Moon on 14 November 2003.

All improvised with the notable exceptions of some Zappa in set one, a 20 minute Sun Ra workout and a 10 minute Whole Lotta Love (?!) in an extra long set two.

The band: Beth Fleenor, Izaak Mills, Billy Monto, Adam Weiss, Samantha Boshnack, Gabriel Herbertson, Christine DiTolvo, Tamara Weikel, John Ewing, Mark Ostrowski, Stephen Parris, Julie Baldridge, David Milford, John Seman

More photos of this particular gig here.

John Seman’s Lil Coop Quartet Live at the Comet


Billy Monto – tenor sax

Mark Ostrowski – drums

John Seman – bass, composer

Stephen Fandrich – piano