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Dennis & The Reaniers, WA, Bill Horist at the Rat & Raven



Dennis and the Reaniers (Dennis Rea/John Seman/Tom Zgonc)
WA (Simon Henneman/Greg Kepplinger)
Bill Horist

Rat and Raven
5260 University Way NE
2/22, 8pm, $5



2003-11-14 Non Grata at the Blue Moon [Archive]

Apropos of this photo, here are the two complete sets as performed by Non Grata at the Blue Moon on 14 November 2003.

All improvised with the notable exceptions of some Zappa in set one, a 20 minute Sun Ra workout and a 10 minute Whole Lotta Love (?!) in an extra long set two.

The band: Beth Fleenor, Izaak Mills, Billy Monto, Adam Weiss, Samantha Boshnack, Gabriel Herbertson, Christine DiTolvo, Tamara Weikel, John Ewing, Mark Ostrowski, Stephen Parris, Julie Baldridge, David Milford, John Seman

More photos of this particular gig here.