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Lil Coop Sextet at The Electric Tea Garden [recording]

John Seman’s Lil Coop Sextet
Live at The Electric Tea Garden, Seattle
MCMC Tuesdays 2012/07/31
Robby Beasley: trumpet; Darian Asplund: flute and tenor saxophone; Bill Monto: alto and tenor saxophones; Stephen Fandrich: Rhodes; Mark Ostrowski: drums; John Seman: double bass, tunes
Tunes: [Set One] Spikey’s Tune, The Pale King, Pinocchio (W.Shorter), LG, [Set Two] Medlenno, Show Me What Ya Workin With, Lil Coop

Images courtesy Andi Dean.

MCMC at Jack Straw 50 [recording]

Bill Monto, tenor saxophone; Steve Parris, electric guitar; John Seman, double bass; Dave Abramson, drums. June 16, 2012 around midnight, live at Jack Straw, Seattle, WA.