"Fleenor performs with emotionally immediacy and good humor. Her tone is vibrant and full bodied, and her ideas fertile." – All About Jazz (Seattle)

Beth Fleenor


what’s new ?
Fleenor can be found currently performing with Bling, Figeater, Double Yoko, and projects of the Monktail Creative Music Concern. For more information please visit www.thefrankagency.org.


background info

Clarinetist Beth Fleenor has been surfing genres since arriving in Seattle in 1998. Her bombastically refined sound and organic approach to improvisation have earned her performance opportunities in a variety of settings including nightclubs, concert halls, performance pieces, festivals, recordings, modern dance pieces, and art installations.

Fleenor harbors a strong love for variety and all forms of sonic manipulation. Such flexibility has allowed her to move freely through genres including, but not limited to, jazz, rock, classical, contemporary chamber, metal, folk, ambient, surf, and noise. Fleenor is also honored to have performed new/commissioned works by composers Robin Holcomb, Denney Goodhew, Jim Knapp, Bill Patton, Yemin Kim, Paul Moore, Timothy Young, William O. Smith, Eyvind Kang, Gretta Harley, Tiflin, Jeff Huston, Tom Swafford, John Burrow, Johanna Kunin, Flora McGill, Nicole DeLaittre, Matt Coe, Stephen Parris, Brad Hebert, Matthew Richmond, Mark Ostrowski, Izaak Mills, Zachary Watkins, and many more. Past projects include the Qhromatics, Kamigakari, Bacteria, and Artha.


Non Grata

Raymond Scott Project

appears on the following monktail records releases:
Non Grata 2 (soon to be released…)