"Ken accompanies himself with bubbles."

Ken Jacobson

what’s new ?
Ken designs and builds his own instruments from pure, virgin, Martian wood. And pick axes.

background info
Multi-Instrumentalist and Luthier  Ken Jacobson has been actively involved in the Seattle music scene as a composer and performer for close to seven years.  He began his musical career as a drummer/percussionist, but is now mostly found playing electric bass, touch-guitar, and his own home-made instruments.
Ken has written for stage plays, short films, multi-media works, and various ensembles.  
Ken builds custom touch guitars, microtonal instruments, and instruments from found objects (pitchforks, shovels, canoe paddles, etc)
Ken has been a member of the MCMC since 2003.


Non Grata
Secret Chefs 3

appears on the following monktail records releases:

Non Grata 2 (soon to be released…)