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Bill Monto

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Billy Monto, a.k.a. Majit F. Kennedy, PhD., is a tenor and alto saxophonist who is mainly influenced by classical and free improvisation styles.  He resides in Seattle, WA.  He attended George Mason University in Fairfax, VA as a Political Science Major with a music minor.  Leaving the east coast for Seattle, he is finishing his degree in Political Science at the University of Washington.


Billy primarily spends most of his time working in Politics, but all of his time living for the performance, whether it be a press interview or an on-stage flip out.  His greatest musical influences are Dale Underwood, John Coltrane, Eric Dolphy and Tom Waits.


Billy is involved with Deal’s Number, Non Grata, Flesh, Johnny & the Primordial Poo, and the Montostat 5.  Billy is also the composer of the hits, “Nick’s Fit”, “Snazzy”, and featured soloist in “Everybody Scream Real Loud When Billy Monto Jumps Up and Down!”


Non Grata
Deal’s Number

Johnny + The Primordial Poo

appears on the following monktail records releases:

mcmc1 NON GRATA – Monktail Creative Music Concern

mcmc7 Show Me what Ya Workin With – deal’s Number