"He is the prime interpreter for Sir Julius Pudding."

Mark Ostrowski

what’s new ?
Mark can be found rockin and shockin’ on almost every monktail related project that dares to be conceptualized.

background info
Mark Ostrowski was born of Polish stock on January 12, 1975.

-Attended Gov. Mifflin High School – Graduated 1993
Won Loius Armstrong Jazz award, and various outstanding soloist awards with the Gov. Mifflin Jazz Band. In 1992 performed with acclaimed multi saxophonist / flutist / Dennis Di Blasio.

-Attended Berklee school of Music from 1993-1998 where he studied composition with Thomas McGaw, John Bovich, Tibor Putzi, Armand Qualliotine, Danny Harrington, Ken Pulling, Dennis LaClaire. He also studied percussion and performance with Ian Froman, Jamey Haddad, Mike Rinquist, Skip Haden, Jon Hazila, Richard Flannagan, and Nancy Zeltzman.

-As a performer, Mark Ostrowski has been involved with Pennsylvania avant-rock groups OPEN, Yeast and Your Mom. He is a founding member of the Monktail Creative Music Concern, and currently performs with Deal’s Number, Non Grata, Shit Orange Horsey, Dry Socket, and pretty much every other group in the M.C.M.C. with the exclusion of Johnny and the Primordial Poo. Mark toured extensively through the U.S. with the group “Allset” as their percussionist between 1997 and 1999. He was with Allset when they released their albums “Bakers Dozen”, and “Gelatin in Vermont”. He is currently in preparation to perform “Mark Drinks and Goes Home” by John Seman

-Marks compositions have been performed by Stephen Fandrich, Sean Owen, Matt Coe, Sadeeq Holmes, John Seman, Izaak Mills, And many members of the Monktail Creative Music Concern.

-Mark Ostrowski created “the Cabbage Foundation” in 1997 to explore experimental electronic music of all kinds, and to give younger musicians a chance to explore their instruments in totally improvised situations.

Non Grata

Deal’s Number
Special O.P.S.

appears on the following monktail records releases:

mcmc3 Unwaxed – Floss
mcmc5 Arm Me – Special O.P.S.

mcmc6 Show Me What Ya Workin With -Deal’s Number