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Stephen Parris

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You may find him at your favorite arcade or the dankest pub….the pleasure will be long as you find him.

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Composer/performer/improviser, Stephen Parris has been an occasionally active person on the Seattle music scene since 1993. He has studied composition with Roupen Shakirian, Vincent Plush, Robin Holcomb, Christian Asplund, and Janice Giteck. He as also studied guitar with Tim Young.

In the last year, Stephen has premiered five works, and has been an active performer in the Monktail Creative Music Concern. He has also collaborated with choreographer Ashley Friend to create the music for her piece "What Makes You Cry", and wrote incidental music for the local production of "The Vagina Monologues"; part of a nation wide benefit for AIDs research held on Valentines Day.

Stephen’s work has been performed by various artists including Roger Nelson, Paul Taub, Matt Kocermiroski, Robin Holcomb, Kelly Wyse, Heather Freeland, Erin McNamee, Nicki DiGregorio, Rachel Matzke, Elizabeth Fleenor, Scott Adams, Mark Ostrowski, Paul Rubenstein, Filip Shabolov, Tod Antilla, etc. His works have been performed and premiered at Poncho Hall at Cornish College, Town Hall, and the recital hall at Benaroya Hall.

As a performer, Stephen Parris is currently in multiple groups as part of the Monktail collective, and is also an active performer in Gamelan Pacifica. He is currently learning a piece for solo electric guitar entitled “Dolls for Chooch” composed by Mark Ostrowski. He has performed in the Cornish Millenium Ensemble led by Amy Rubin and Robin Holcomb, Cornish Gamelan Ensemble led by Jarrad Powell, a free improvisation trio named "Wallowboxers" with Tod Antilla and Scott Adams, and a former local rock group named "Furious George". He has performed pieces by Amy Rubin, Robin Holcomb, Gretta Harley, Paul Rubenstein, Yemin, John Seman, Mark Ostrowski, Bill Patton, and his own work.

Parris recently completed his Bachelor of Music degree at the esteemed Cornish College of the Arts. He also composed, produced, and was musical director for a chamber opera/theater piece entitled "The Terrible Truth about Marriage". He is currently completing a piece for piano and galvanized steel pipe while writing for a choir known as the Seattle Harmonic Voices that specializes in the art of overtone singing, and working in collaboration with vocalists and composers to create an experimental opera company in Seattle.

Stephen Parris was born In Santa Clara county California, and currently resides in Seattle, Washington.

Special OPS
Non Grata

Raymond Scott Project

appears on the following monktail records releases:

mcmc1 NON GRATA – Monktail Creative Music Concern

mcmc5 Arm Me – Special O.P.S.